In the rare quiet moments, past exhaustion, my whole body grieves knowing the affliction you’ll bear.

You see, I know you, your kind soul… I know it so well. I can see already the vulnerable parts of you, the strong parts too. I let my mind run and I see what lies ahead for you. The way the world will treat you for the things you do or don’t do.

I see myself in you and I know right then you’ll feel it too. Everything. Everything that hurts, that’s good, that’s funny, that’s sad. You’ll feel it too. I found rest in the continuous questioning of something greater than myself, but will you? How will you see the world? How will you treat people? I know you’ll be good, right? Will you be good? Your future scares me because I know it won’t all be good. You’ll meet and curse the ache of loss. Then my chest tightens and throat closes at the thought of you ever mingling with the idea to take your own life.

I hope you remember pain creates strength through perseverance. You’ll come out of it. So learn from the anguish, acknowledge it, and move forward in-spite of it.

Observing the world, I know you’ll witness desperation. Will I raise you to help? To heal through truth? I hope so. At what point do I let go and let you clean your own scrapes? I would take all the bad away if I could. I would take every ounce of sorrow that you’ll ever feel and turn it into moments of overflowing happiness. And then you’ll smile; I love your smile.

I have to remember though, I have to remind myself what I’ve learned through the varying emotions and stages of my life. The inevitability of life only scares us when we believe there’s no purpose. Find yours my love. You were created with deep meaning. Something inclusive of, but much deeper than, happiness alone.

Aubrey Cofield