The truth is, as a mother, I do hold certain expectations for you. No, not for your profession or even the grades you get in school. No, my expectations are for your character.

Stepping into my imagination you’ll see a version of yourself. A possible, hopeful, outcome of the type of man you’ll grow in to. The occupation varies, as does most every little detail, but there’s one constant, in short, you are a good man. In no way perfect, but good.

I’ve never made excuses for you, so you don’t make them for yourself. You learn from each mistake and move forward learning from life’s scattered misfortunes. You’re a man who brings up your partner, children, and friends. A man who respects every life and does not deem his more valuable then another. A man who listens. A man who feels emotion without shame. But also, a man who can exude courage, not living void of fear, but standing up in spite of it. A man who can discern between the things that strengthen his spirit and the things that shatter it. A man who, above all else, abundantly loves.

This variant of you is not unattainable, but there will be moments you feel far from it, like you’ve strayed so far from who you are, and what you know. Please know that’s ok, please know it’s never too late to make the right choice, and that I’m always here, to remind you of this boy I know.