I love the aesthetic look of plants scattered throughout a well-lit home, but I’ve never been good at creating an environment where my plants thrive. They usually end up wilted in the shadows, thirsty. I assure you my intentions are always good, I’ve visualized the growing potential of every plant I’ve owned. But it seems they don’t thrive on my once a month (if I remember) watering schedule. 

I looked at my faded snake plant sitting near my bookshelf with still only four leaves, not dying yet, but certainly not thriving. My guilt prompted me to start my research on how to help my plant thrive. You see, you first have to recognize that each type of plant is unique. One may need to be watered every day, while the other could go a few days or weeks without needing water. My snake plant, if taken care of properly, acts as a natural air purifier. It doesn’t need too much water and does best when not in direct sunlight. Don’t over water it, and when you do water it, try not to get water on the leaves. I found a snake plant will survive in many different conditions, but it will only thrive if taken care with attention to its’ specific needs. 

I feel like there’s so much metaphoric meaning here. Like what if we understood children this way? Helping them grow through first understanding them, listening to them, figuring out where their strengths and weakness lie? It seems only then can we understand the ways in which they’ll thrive.