Returning to Texas brought warmth in every aspect. We saw you frequently since the move whether over Facetime or our yearly visits, but my heart sprung at the idea of waking up to you again.

We returned in March, nearly two and a half years after we first left. It was the tail-end of winter in Pittsburgh and the beginning of spring in Texas, when bluebonnets covered fields and patches of grass along the highway.

We were moving into a season of trial, though I couldn’t comprehend this at the time. We knew it meant moving into the house where you were growing up with Nanny. We knew it meant big change and having you with us more often, but we still hadn’t discussed the reality of us adopting you. It was unclear what role we’d take. Would we commit to super devoted Aunt and Uncle? Or would we fully take on the role of mom and dad? And what does this mean for you and Nanny?

This wasn’t a decision we could make on our own. This was up to your Nanny, the one who currently held custody of you, it was up to us, but also, it was up to you. After the initial move, when we settled into our room, 75% of our stuff in a storage unit down the street, we began to unravel the questions.   

Aubrey Cofield