We adopted Jaxson when he was three years old. Prior to adoption we were Aunt Aubrey and Uncle Jason. We’ve been a large part of Jaxson’s life since the moment he was brought into the world.

His section of the blog will slowly reveal our story of adoption. I’m aiming to convey the rawness of it all as best I can without writing anything disrespectful towards others involved. The overall goal is to create pieces I can eventually give him when he’s older. Pieces that’ll help him understand his early years. Pieces that he can hold when he feels disoriented and alone.

The truth is the whole experience was at times painful and confusing. It didn’t stay there though. I grew in areas I didn’t know needed attention. Through this you’ll find there’s a little boy, too amazing not to write about, whom I love more than myself. There’s a family quilted in a strength only adversary provides. And there’s a God, whose love continues to prevail through the darkness.

I’m also writing for those who may be going through something similar. May all the lessons we’ve learned grow you or, at the very least, provide you comfort.

Aubrey Cofield

Follow along with Jaxson’s adoption story here.