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Month: April 2019

It Needs YOU

Like a puzzle piece it needs your spirit.

It needs your specific soul and the qualities that make you singular and part of something.

It needs your sense of humor and the way you see the world.

You fit, like a puzzle piece, you fit.

Because it needs the way you were made.

The way you stand out and the way you contribute.

Life needs YOU.

Build a Mountain or a Small Hill

There’s cracks on our hands from all the shoveling of dry dirt. Our hands scoop and turnover the earth. And we laugh at our dirt manicures.

Why are we digging?

Because standing idle spooks the hair on our backs. So we dig, and we dig, and we dig until we dig a whole deep enough to lay.

But we could’ve built a mountain, or at the very least, a small hill.

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